Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 01 2022 – Mind the Gap

Today’s crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 01 2022 – Mind the Gap. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 01 2022 – Mind the Gap divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 TiVo button REC
4 Completely ALL
7 Prominent location for a title SPINE
12 Sevillano’s send-off ADIOS
17 Superstate setting of “1984” OCEANIA
19 Maker of Stabilite golf shoes ETONIC
20 $7.2-million purchase of 1867 ALASKA
21 With much bitterness ACRIDLY
22 1-/4-Across, literally LAPSEOFMEMORY
24 Nerve cell branches DENDRA
25 Minor planet named in honor of a magazine for stargazers SKYTEL
26 Lizards with dewlaps IGUANAS
27 Wind up on stage? OBOE
29 Anatomical pouches SACS
30 Barclays Center ballers NETS
31 36-/37-Across, literally FALLINGAPART
36 Moral trespass SIN
37 One with many potential mates KING
41 Recipient of a costly ticket SPEEDER
42 Senators’ home OTTAWA
44 Through VIA
45 Bipedal carnivore of old TREX
46 Accord that’s been taken back REPO
53 It’s often crude OIL
54 58-/60-Across, literally BROKENPROMISES
58 Made one’s case PLED
60 Some appliances GES
62 “___ Only Just Begun” WEVE
63 Parched ARID
64 Started a match SERVED
66 Dominican-American singer Martínez ANAIS
67 Abhor DETEST
70 Hairy Himalayan creature YETI
71 Lane’s co-worker KENT
72 Many an address ender COM
73 Structure of blankets, pillows or snow FORT
75 72-/73-Across, literally SECURITYBREACH
80 ___ system (car’s GPS) NAV
81 Steamer that rescued the Titanic survivors CARPATHIA
82 Lot buy AUTO
85 Posh Florida city, informally BOCA
86 Where Springsteen was born USA
87 Some luxury handbags PRADAS
91 Color of some autumn leaves RUSTRED
93 Drug that’s cooked up METH
95 Some ER cases ODS
97 93-/95-Across, literally SEPARATEWAYS
99 Luxury hotel chain OMNI
101 “Morbius” star Jared LETO
102 Brontë heroine EYRE
103 Skate’s sawlike front feature TOEPICK
106 Water quality tester, often EPALAB
108 “Bam!”-shouting chef EMERIL
113 121-/122-Across, literally SPLITDECISION
115 Command MASTERY
116 Puts on a coat PAINTS
117 Needing lots of attention CLINGY
118 Represents, legally ACTSFOR
119 Fetches, as fly balls SHAGS
120 Fresh SASSY
121 Comic Margaret CHO
122 Clinch, as a win ICE


Number Clues Answers
1 Pothole’s place ROAD
2 “___ homo” (Pilate’s words) ECCE
3 Research site where the Higgs boson was detected in 2012 CERN
4 Rival of iOS ANDROID
5 Strip set in Appalachia LILABNER
6 Put down LAY
7 Patronizes, as a hotel STAYSAT
8 Breakfast brand since 1964 POPTART
9 Bugs in a class? INSECTA
10 Physicist Bohr NIELS
11 Prefix from the Greek “oikos,” meaning “house” ECO
12 Seal-hunting islander ALEUT
13 Reversible fabric DAMASK
14 “The Heat ___” (Glenn Frey song) ISON
15 Gumbo vegetable OKRA
16 “___ who?” SAYS
18 Support AID
19 Antlered animal ELK
20 Pharma giant that makes Enbrel AMGEN
23 Completed, in Cannes FINI
25 Mermaid’s milieu SEA
28 Shrek, for one OGRE
31 Aperture setting FSTOP
32 Months for fools and showers APRILS
33 Sobieski of “Here on Earth” LEELEE
34 Latin law LEX
35 Substandard POOR
36 Warren in the Pro Football Hall of Fame SAPP
38 “Central Park in the Dark” composer IVES
39 Low card in a pinochle deck NINE
40 Roams (about) GADS
43 What a full moon does WANES
47 “Independent Lens” airer PBS
49 Madrid museum PRADO
50 Composer who won a Pulitzer for “Air Music” ROREM
51 Discharge EMIT
52 Superior screen resolution HIDEF
55 Proprietor OWNER
56 Margaret known for big-eyed portraits KEANE
57 “A New Argentina” show EVITA
59 Peter out DRYUP
60 “Capeesh?” GETIT
61 Archie’s sitcom wife EDITH
65 Farmiga of “Hawkeye” VERA
66 “Great” Mogul emperor AKBAR
68 State bordering Arizona and New Mexico SONORA
69 Comic Ullman TRACEY
72 “Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. ___ CHU
74 They’re sometimes muted TVADS
75 Film in a shower SCUM
76 Assuage EASE
77 Suffix for a political partisan CRAT
78 Nervousness leading to missed putts YIPS
79 Hacienda house CASA
83 Cafeteria item TRAY
84 Charity organization effort OUTREACH
85 “Incidentally,” online BTW
88 Absence of harmful bacteria ASEPSIS
89 Holds DETAINS
90 Tiff ender APOLOGY
92 Does, apparently SEEMSTO
94 Remaining optimistic HOPING
95 How some archives are stored ONCDS
96 Overseer of big banks? DIKE
98 Center’s stat REB
100 Fly traps? MITTS
101 2019 dystopian Netflix series LEILA
103 Recipe amts. TSPS
104 Shimmery sushi fish OPAH
105 Director Kazan ELIA
107 One or more ANY
109 UFO fliers ETS
110 Mortgage adjustment, for short REFI
111 ___-Z (sporty Camaro) IROC
112 Instrument for Orpheus LYRE
114 Includes in an email CCS
115 Buddy MAC