Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 09 2020 – B-Listers

Today’s crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 09 2020 – B-Listers. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 09 2020 – B-Listers divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 “Phew! Someone open a window!” ITSHOT
7 Lose it GOMAD
12 Pass the hat SOLICIT
19 Home of Triple-A baseball’s Rainiers TACOMA
20 Dresser’s kin BUREAU
21 Singer’s quavery effect TREMOLO
22 Matchmaker’s prattling about being “made for each other”? CHEMISTRYBLAB
24 With proficiency ADEPTLY
25 Ready the machete, say HONE
26 Ornamental swimmers KOI
27 Snoozefest BORE
29 Play to ___ (draw) ATIE
30 Long YEARN
32 Proud motto of a spicy food restaurant? NEVERNEVERBLAND
38 Costa ___ RICA
40 Golden Crispers! brand OREIDA
41 Juan’s wife EVA
42 Poorly hit fly ball at Wrigley Field? CHICAGOBLOOP
46 “In all probability…” ODDSARE
50 Copacabana Beach setting RIO
51 General assemblies? ARMIES
52 Dyeing site VAT
54 With 106-Down, German Dadaist MAX
55 Polite reply to a schoolmarm YESM
57 Neurologist’s printouts, briefly EEGS
58 Radar operator’s duty? BLIPSERVICE
63 “I second that!” AMEN
65 Madrid monarchs REYES
66 Creaks, squeaks and shrieks NOISES
67 Officiant at Boris and Natasha’s wedding? BLESSEROFTWOEVILS
71 Maker of short suits SPEEDO
73 Contradict BELIE
74 Factory MILL
75 Oil stain under the car? PARKINGBLOT
77 “Is it just ___…” MEOR
79 Letters of urgency ASAP
83 Galoot APE
84 Troop troupe, briefly USO
85 Pickers pick them BANJOS
87 Chart template PIE
88 Solution for shaking hands? MITTENS
92 Training session for would-be online posters? BLOGGINGCAMP
95 H look-alike ETA
96 Like some monks COWLED
98 Paint can direction STIR
99 Collection of paint swatches? BLENDINGLIBRARY
105 Like some bills and hills STEEP
108 Sorrowful sigh ALAS
109 No longer in effect VOID
110 “Jingle Bells” preposition OER
112 Gillette brand ATRA
113 Many tour guides NATIVES
121 Post-holdup question AMILATE
122 Quite a bit OODLES
123 Somewhat hostile AVERSE
124 Rubbery substances LATEXES
125 Alaska’s longest river YUKON
126 Finds a new tenant for RELETS


Number Clues Answers
1 Rash description, perhaps ITCHY
2 Sierra Nevada resort TAHOE
3 Possible courses of events SCENARIOS
4 Like the “Odyssey” HOMERIC
5 Singer with the 2015 #1 hit “Cheerleader” OMI
6 Honey-do list item TASK
7 Fella GUY
8 Basketball but not football ORB
9 Country singer Tillis MEL
10 Roadside assistance org. AAA
11 Like some foreign films DUBBED
12 Intent look STARE
13 In sequence ORDERED
14 Spike with a screenplay Oscar LEE
15 Graceful antelopes IMPALAS
16 Terra ___ COTTA
17 Sick, in rap slang ILLIN
18 Fiddled (with) TOYED
20 Cracker spread BRIE
23 Hauling measure TON
28 Egg cells OVA
31 Final Four org. NCAA
33 Burrowing rodents VOLES
34 Figure taking a bow? EROS
35 Classic car REO
36 Beat by a narrow margin NIP
37 Underwear initials BVD
39 Accepts, as terms AGREESON
42 Hue’s partner CRY
43 Move quickly HIE
44 Signs of things to come OMENS
45 Tom Hanks comedy BIG
46 Extra mins. in games OTS
47 Wrong AMISS
48 Candidate’s focus RACE
49 Support payers, at times EXES
52 Hillside house asset VIEW
53 Lhasa ___ APSO
56 Oscar winner as Mercury MALEK
58 Suit properly BEFIT
59 “Ruffneck” rapper MC ___ LYTE
60 Neighborhood ENVIRONS
61 Muddy up ROIL
62 Luxurious country residence VILLA
64 First-aid product prefix MEDI
65 Chocolate-caramel candy ROLO
67 Headwear for Picasso BERET
68 Subsides EBBS
69 Move, to real estate pros RELO
70 Modern-day hieroglyphic EMOJI
71 Unwanted email SPAM
72 Daddy, in Durango PAPI
76 NASA’s Grissom GUS
77 Szubanski of “Babe” MAGDA
78 High school subj. ENG
80 Middle weight? SPARETIRE
81 Goal AIM
82 Spirit PEP
85 South African settler BOER
86 NYPD figures SGTS
89 Capable of being drawn out TENSILE
90 JFK guess ETD
91 Guileless state NAIVETE
92 D.C.-area airport BWI
93 Deg. for a barrister LLB
94 Stronghold CITADEL
96 FX letters CGI
97 Chap OLDBOY
99 Clichéd BANAL
100 Andean bearer LLAMA
101 Grammy-winning “Weird Al” song EATIT
102 Parts of planes NOSES
103 Deteriorates ROTS
104 “___ durn tootin’!” YER
106 See 54-Across ERNST
107 Leaves to turn PAGES
111 Behind REAR
114 Disease preventer, in slang VAX
116 Singer Rawls LOU
117 Texter’s “Beats me” IDK
118 Day-___ GLO
119 Rooster’s mate HEN
120 Colosseum greeting AVE