USA Today Crossword Answers – May 26 2021

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Clues Answers
'(Sittin' On) The ___ of the Bay' DOCK
'Anyway . . .' ONTHATNOTE
'As I see it,' for short IMHO
'Can I bounce an ___ off you?' IDEA
'Can't Fight the Moonlight' singer LeAnn RIMES
'Fast, please!' ASAP
'Holy smokes!' MAN
'I don't know what ___ to say' ELSE
'Right on!' AMEN
'Sad to say . . .' ALAS
'Sure, take this!' HEREYOUGO
'The tide ___ turned' HAS
'The ___ the limit' SKYS
'Their ___ Were Watching God' EYES
'Wait, that's it!' AHA
'What was I thinking?!' DOH
Actor-director Halle BERRY
Actress Nona GAYE
African elephants have the biggest ones of any animal EARS
Appears ominously LOOMSLARGE
At an angle BENT
Biological pouches SACS
Bothers constantly NAGS
Boundary-pushing EDGY
Bra size chart unit INCH
Burgundy wine grape PINOT
Close at hand NEAR
Common jiaozi vegetable NAPA
Details INFO
Dexterous DEFT
Doe's mate STAG
Drummers keep them BEATS
Earth Day ad, e.g PSA
Engrave with acid ETCH
Enjoy recess PLAY
Gemini and Virgo, e.g SIGNS
Hosts invite them GUESTS
In the lead ONTOP
Keyless car starters FOBS
Ladder part RUNG
Largest city in Belarus MINSK
Lets on, or lets in ADMITS
Mesh protector for a garden plant NET
Millet or rice CROP
Mount ___ (sacred mountain in Shandong, China) TAI
Moving company UHAUL
Mutant portrayed by Anna Paquin ROGUE
Name that sounds like a type of lipstick MATT
Non-___ corn GMO
Notable time period ERA
Palindromic device RADAR
Pays for BUYS
Pharmacy pickups, for short MEDS
Pool workout units LAPS
Prefix for 'engage' DIS
Primatologist's study APE
Private teacher TUTOR
Reason for indoor recess RAIN
Retinaldehyde target ACNE
Rise up in opposition REBEL
Short-sleeved shirts with collars POLOS
Sleep clinic diagnosis APNEA
Slimy garden crawler SLUG
Social blunder GAFFE
Something to watch on uneven terrain STEP
Southern side dish FRIEDOKRA
Sports team supporter FAN
Stage construction SET
Standard score in golf PAR
Steep rock face CLIFF
Theater award TONY
Third-largest city in Nevada RENO
Title that means 'commander' EMIR
Topmost point ACME