The Atlantic Sunday, March 19, 2023 Crossword Answers

Daily solution for the The Atlantic Crossword Clues Sunday, March 19, 2023 by David Karp. The Atlantic Crosswords are very hard sometimes, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the The Atlantic Crossword Clues Sunday, March 19, 2023 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Gripped, as a basketball PALMED
7 Compress into a mess SMUSH
12 Chart-topper HIT
15 Draw parallels EQUATE
16 Main artery AORTA
17 Arg. neighbor URU
18 The euro zone, e.g. CURRENCYBLOC
20 Plan (out) MAP
21 Pen name for the short-story writer H. H. Munro SAKI
22 Android alternative, for short IOS
23 Figure skater Baiul OKSANA
25 Out-of-office setting? COMPANYPICNIC
29 “That was unexpected!” OHWOW
32 Wave away SHOO
33 Cause for penalty kicks TIE
34 Look at again REOPEN
36 Sphere ORB
38 “The ___ or the Kaiser” (Weird Al parody) RYE
41 Title character who’s ashamed of his nose CYRANODEBERGERAC
46 Stubborn beast ASS
47 “One Kiss” pop star, to fans DUA
48 Beverage whose name means “black dragon” in Chinese OOLONG
49 Need for an unfit Fit? TOW
52 Titular Bond villain DRNO
55 Pulls hard JERKS
56 Nation that drinks the most beer per capita CZECHREPUBLIC
60 Cousin’s mama AUNTIE
61 Tobiko, at a sushi restaurant ROE
62 Item on a to-do list TASK
66 Madrid : Sra. :: Montreal : ___ MME
67 English translation of Canada’s motto—or, phonetically, a hint to 18-, 25-, 41-, and 56-Across FROMSEATOSEA
71 Company that designed Jeopardy winner Watson IBM
72 Word with start or step FALSE
73 Pioneering podcast SERIAL
74 “___ My Name” (Destiny’s Child 12-Across) SAY
75 Hiccups SNAGS
76 Royal pain HASSLE


Number Clues Answers
1 They’re worked by presses, for short PECS
29 Marine apex predator ORCA
56 Sleeveless tops, briefly CAMIS
2 With 57-Down, fitness class held in a pool AQUA
30 Casual greetings HEYS
57 See 2-Down ZUMBA
3 Scroll without posting LURK
31 Superlative foe WORSTENEMY
4 Phoenix’s county MARICOPA
50 Canadian-Thanksgiving mo. OCT
5 “Summer” in Senegal ETE
26 He plays Coy in Inherent Vice OWEN
51 Completely misses WHIFFS
6 Fabric that’s sometimes distressed DENIM
35 Thumbs-up alternative NOD
58 Aired again RERAN
19 The po-po COPS
42 “My man!” DUDE
68 São Paulo salutation OLA
7 Complies with a doctor’s request SAYSAH
43 Dodge City surname EARP
69 Rangers’ home, briefly MSG
8 Flash ___ MOB
27 One still figuring out the controls, slangily NOOB
53 Doesn’t guzzle NURSES
9 Address not found on a map URL
28 Olden times YORE
54 The “duck” in Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf OBOE
10 Lower STOOP
37 “My man!” BRO
59 It’s a doggone solution! LEASH
11 Measure up HACKIT
44 It’s also called a “wolfberry” GOJI
70 48-Across, for example TEA
24 STEM stem, briefly SCI
45 College parties? ELECTORS
12 What use of artificial intelligence may aim to reduce HUMANERROR
63 Sale condition ASIS
13 Shiraz resident IRANI
39 Pull hard YANK
64 Aquarium resident that can be trained to paint SEAL
14 No Biggie? TUPAC
40 Heart tests, briefly ECGS
65 Healthful chip option KALE