Quick crossword No 16,562

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Clues Answers
Turned-up part of a sleeve (4) CUFF
Long traffic jam (8) TAILBACK
Crush — fruit eaten as a vegetable (6) SQUASH
Rent all or part of a leased property to another person (6) SUBLET
Bath scrubber (6) LOOFAH
Filthy (6) GRUBBY
Totally alone (8) ISOLATED
Flick (4) FILM
Of greatest importance (9) PARAMOUNT
Rabble (4-4) RIFFRAFF
Bug in the works? (6) GLITCH
Internet messages (6) EMAILS
Blackleg (4) SCAB
Greenish-blue gemstone (9) TURQUOISE
Eccentric (9) SCREWBALL
Hairstyle — nub of fat (anag) (8) BOUFFANT
Professional killer (6) HITMAN
No dogs (anag) (6) GODSON
Give temporarily (4) LOAN