NY Times Crossword 11 Feb 24, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 11 Feb 24, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard sometimes, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
___ Pérignon DOM
Result of a sand save, in golf PAR
Letter-shaped groove used in framing T-SLOT
Subway stop: Abbr. STA
Chicago Booth offering, in brief MBA
Computer text standard UNICODE
“If all goes well …” I HOPE …
Shook a leg HURRIED
Traditional Indonesian percussion orchestra GAMELAN
Baseball manager who once instructed his team to “Pair up in threes” BERRA
It may be a lot outside the city ONE ACRE
180s UIES
It helps you get the picture MOVIE CAMERA
Sportscaster Hershiser OREL
Annual Pebble Beach event PRO-AM
“That is hilarious!” WHAT A HOOT!
Food pyramid group GRAINS
Orange juice specification NO PULP
Place for poissons MER
IV placers RNS
Support staff: Abbr. ASSTS
Hostile party FOE
Blue ___ (symbol of Delaware) HEN
“The Terrible” czar IVAN IV
Sad response to “How was the game?” WE LOST
Feel discontented REPINE
Having knobby bumps NODULAR
Heretofore, poetically ERE NOW
Metal receptacle by a fireplace ASH CAN
College student’s earnings CREDITS
Student’s do-over RETEST
Table scraps ORTS
Absinthe flavoring ANISE
1974 C.I.A. spoof S*P*Y*S
Brand name on a Go-Gurt box YOPLAIT
Hovers menacingly LOOMS
Like a tuxedo bib PLEATED
Athlete Arthur ASHE
Alley ___ OOP
Leaves on the shelf? TEA
Sportage automaker KIA
Language with 44 consonant symbols THAI
“___ knows?” WHO
Back in the day ONCE
Suffix with east or west -ERN
Rubik with a cube ERNO
Fertility clinic donations OVA
Ohio home to Cedar Point, the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” SANDUSKY
Airline to Oslo SAS
Guys in commercials PITCHMEN
Steering implement OAR
Burdensome amount TON
Giant Mel OTT
Shelley’s “___ Skylark” TO A
Leave one’s mark, in a way SIGN
One with two years to go, informally SOPH
270° from sur ESTE
Hide ___ hair NOR
Prepare to skate LACE UP
Soldier’s helmet, in old slang TIN HAT
Place to find a crook ARM
Downhearted IN A FUNK
After-school helper TUTOR
Lab dropper PIPETTE
Character with character EMOJI
Welcome policy at a bar NO COVER
Bagel topper SCHMEAR
Anthony of “In the Heights” and “Hamilton” RAMOS
Seventh heaven ECSTASY


Clues Answers
Unearthed DUG UP
___ personality ON-AIR
Duplicating machine MIMEOGRAPH
Primary person, informally POL
Primary person? ADAM
Acclaims RENOWNS
Bone attached to the patellar tendon TIBIA
Unit of stamps SHEET
Poet Federico García ___ LORCA
Talk show host nominated for an Academy Award OPRAH
Whisper from Don Juan TE AMO
Lacking SHORT OF
Sashimi choice TUNA
Verb in some tautologies ARE
The “thing” in “Is this thing on?” MICROPHONE
Che Guevara wore one BERET
“Easy on Me” singer ADELE
Activist Chavez CESAR
Director Walsh of old Hollywood RAOUL
Bygone tape type VHS
Seeming eternity EON
Italian dipping sauce MARINARA
Netflix series starring the Fab Five QUEER EYE
Legacy of 72-Down, seven of which appear among this puzzle’s answers and one more suggested by the black squares in the middle of the grid INVENTIONS
Something that’s big with the current generation? POWER PLANT
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Some nights of celebration EVES
Ethically indifferent AMORAL
Tangential remarks SIDENOTES
When the original Big Five ruled Hollywood STUDIO ERA
Magical objects TALISMANS
Union members STATES
Those, in Spanish ESOS
Cereal box abbr. NT WT
Designer Miller NICOLE
Relative of Ltd. INC
Hosp. areas ERS
Unleashes upon LETS AT
Bygone tape dispenser STOCK TICKER
Failed device meant to communicate with the dead SPIRIT PHONE
Swerves at sea YAWS
Org. that sets worker exposure limits OSHA
Object in the classic painting “His Master’s Voice” PHONOGRAPH
With [circled letters reading clockwise], American icon born 2/11/1847 THOMAS ALVA [EDISON]
Common spot for a wasp nest EAVE
Primatologist Fossey DIAN
You can trip on it in the desert PEYOTE
Didn’t stop KEPT ON
Sharer’s possessive OUR
Late harvest mo. OCT
Novelist Brown DAN
Tilling tool HOE
Without gender, in Latin NEUTER
Egyptian god of death and rebirth OSIRIS
Barbershop sounds SNIPS
Kind of bond IONIC
Seasonal inflatable SANTA
Tastes TRIES
Board of a cosmetics company? EMERY
Bard’s instrument LUTE
Cougar PUMA
Hideki ___, W.W. II prime minister TOJO
P.I.s, e.g. TECS
Gender abbr. FEM
Cat’s pa TOM
Turn bad ROT