Artificially colored

“Artificially Colored” – A Colorful Crossword Clue

Welcome back, crossword enthusiasts! Today, we’re tackling a clue that might leave you reaching for your rainbow crayons. The phrase “Artificially Colored” is a common crossword clue, and while it might seem straightforward, it can sometimes be tricky to crack.

This clue often refers to something that’s been given a vibrant hue through artificial means, rather than its natural color. This can encompass a wide array of possibilities, from food and drinks to textiles and even makeup.

To solve this clue, consider the context of the surrounding clues. Is there a theme? Are there any other clues hinting at a particular category?

Think about different ways that something can be “artificially colored”. What kind of substances are commonly used to add color?

This is a clue that often requires a bit of lateral thinking, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Let me know in the comments below how you solved this clue, and if you have any other puzzling phrases you’d like to see tackled. Happy puzzling!

Artificially colored

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Last seen on the crossword puzzle: Daily Celebrity Crossword – 7/11/24 Top 40 Thursday