USA Today Crossword Answers – Oct 5 2022

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Clues Answers
'Cut that out!' STOPIT
'Mazel ___!' TOV
'Ninja Scroll,' for example ANIME
'So tasty!' DELISH
'We ___ to please' AIM
'What's Love Got To Do With It' singer Turner TINA
'___ Superstar' ALIEN
Adversaries FOES
Advil alternative ALEVE
Aid for a road trip GPS
Appliance for making bolillos OVEN
Beverage in a stein ALE
Big blood vessel AORTA
Boat part that James Forten manufactured SAIL
Bread paired with saag paneer GARLICNAAN
Calling code for Egypt TWENTY
Chicken or mutton MEAT
Come apart BREAK
Computer accessory MOUSE
Cream-filled snack cake HOHO
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Dark, sticky sealant TAR
Digital holiday greetings ECARDS
Displays on the sides of some buses ADS
Elementary BASIC
Elephants have five on each foot TOES
Enjoy a fine meal DINE
Forest path DEERTRAIL
Fragrant flowering shrubs LILACS
Fruit high in fat OLIVE
Gas pump option (Abbr.) REG
Gem from a mussel PEARL
Get-rich-quick scheme, most likely SCAM
Goldie Hawn, to Kate Hudson MOM
Good friends PALS
Haunted house feeling SHEERTERROR
Honeycomb section CELL
Huge success SMASH
Huntsville's state (Abbr.) ALA
Kati or karat UNIT
Large quantity SLEW
Lean slightly TILT
Long cars LIMOS
Medical facility CLINIC
Observes Paryushana FASTS
Oktoberfest structures BEERTENTS
One haunting a haunted house GHOST
Oversees a movie production DIRECTS
Pampers way too much SPOILS
Place for polygel NAIL
Player who guards a net GOALIE
Plumbers' tubes PIPES
Prednisolone, for example STEROID
Resident-owned unit CONDO
Shows fright PALES
Shredded cabbage dish SLAW
Single-stranded polymer RNA
Sound of astonishment GASP
Sources of acorns OAKS
Sources of cones PINES
Spanish for 'that' ESO
Stash away money SAVE
Strictly Dumpling upload VLOG
Tapped barrel KEG
Tel ___, Israel AVIV
The 'coatl' part of Quetzalcoatl SERPENT
The ___ People's Campaign (1968 economic justice campaign) POOR
Tools for Olympic vaulting POLES
Tough broccoli part STEM
Unkind MEAN
Utensil for mac and cheese FORK
Young princess in 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' LEIA
Yours and mine OURS
___ and switch BAIT
___ the dragon SLAY
___ up a good fight PUT