USA Today Crossword Answers – Jan 19 2022

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Clues Answers
'I can ___ to that' ('It's true') ATTEST
'Movement in Black' poet Parker PAT
'Nah,' e.g RESPONSE
'Sign me up!' IMIN
'So looking forward to it!' CANTWAIT
'Superbad' actor Michael CERA
'You have to ___ money to make money' SPEND
'___ really not a big deal' ITS
Body butter holder JAR
Brewery products IPAS
Change for a five ONES
Chip's chipmunk brother DALE
Clothes fastener type SNAP
Comic book character descended from Venom TOXIN
Crease-removing device IRON
Cry noisily SOB
Dishfire org NSA
Drop in a mail slot SEND
Emphatic denial IDONOT
Enthusiastic AVID
Eschew a big wedding ELOPE
Fedora or toque HAT
Finito OVER
Gallbladder fluid BILE
Garbage ___ (kitchen appliance) DISPOSAL
Hold firmly GRIP
Hometown hero FAVORITESON
Large venue ARENA
Lessen the pressure EASEUP
Like the zodiac whose signs include Cat and Buffalo VIETNAMESE
London-based broadcaster BBC
Loops in on an email CCS
Loose-fitting top TUNIC
Major artery AORTA
Meat cut option LOIN
Metal deposits ORES
Metal in solder TIN
Mexican state for which a desert is named SONORA
Mic-testing touches TAPS
Momos are part of its cuisine TIBET
Mortgage giant founded in 1970 FREDDIEMAC
Move to and ___ FRO
Numbered road (Abbr.) RTE
Physician, informally DOC
Place for discounted items BARGAINBIN
Place to get sliced turkey DELI
Pops the cork from OPENS
Precipice edge BRINK
Prefix with 'presence' OMNI
Puerto ___ Day Parade RICAN
Red Hots or Twix CANDY
Roasting rods SPITS
Rom-___ COM
Sandbox injury OWIE
Shade darker than beige TAN
Slow-moving parade sight FLOAT
Smiling cat with heart eyes, for example EMOJI
Spanish for 'nothing' NADA
Spread some seeds SOW
Standard score in golf PAR
Stiff and emotionless ROBOTIC
Take a check out of a checkbook TEAR
The L in LAX LOS
Theme park offerings RIDES
There are four in a square ANGLES
Tiny bit TAD
Tweak for publication EDIT
Unrealistic goal PIEINTHESKY
Volleyball actions before spikes SETS
Web portal since 1995 MSN
Wine with a pink hue ROSE
Woeful SAD
Wood-cutting tools SAWS
Word after 'web' or 'panda' CAM
___ your soul BARE