The New York Tuesday, 19 September 2023 Crossword Answers

Daily crossword answers for the The New York Crossword: ‘Three of a Kind’ Tuesday, 19 September 2023 by Matt Gaffney. The The New York Crosswords are very hard sometimes, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the The New York Crossword: ‘Three of a Kind’ Tuesday, 19 September 2023 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Can be purchased for COSTS
6 ___ Secretary (address for Janet Yellen) MADAM
11 Secondary strategy PLANB
16 “Spy vs. Spy” magazine MAD
19 Choose to participate OPTIN
20 Island that rhymes with “Cuba” ARUBA
21 Nile bather HIPPO
22 It monitors air quality EPA
23 Singer Freddie, when keying an old GM car? MERCURYMARSSATURN
26 Many “Law & Order” characters DAS
27 Preceding, poetically ERE
28 Kali and Krishna, e.g. GODS
29 75 degrees, say ACUTE
30 Madonna role EVITA
32 Owns HAS
33 “Today” rival, briefly GMA
34 Breakfast server IHOP
35 “___ Valley” SILICON
37 1982 movie visitors ETS
38 Inexpert LAY
39 Go out with a New Zealander who designs iPhones? DATEAPPLEKIWI
42 Thin and weak, as a voice REEDY
44 Intentions AIMS
45 Devotion to a personal god BHAKTI
46 Classic gas station ESSO
47 Drummer’s time to shine SOLO
49 Extinguish a candle, often BLOW
50 Sweet 16 org. NCAA
54 How NASA engineers warm their chicken up for lunch? ROCKETSHEATNUGGETS
60 Some soup recipes BORSCHTS
63 Bread made into balls MATZO
64 Throws in the trash TOSSES
65 Night, poetically EVE
66 Older male, in Spanish TIO
67 Motherless calf, in the Old West DOGIE
68 Candy serving BAR
69 They know how to tow AAA
70 What some sighs indicate RELIEF
72 Reacted to a flagrant foul, e.g. BOOED
73 Friendly address from a pirate MEHEARTY
75 Hand an entire midwestern city over to an automobile company? GRANTFORDCLEVELAND
78 Dionne Warwick’s “I ___ Little Prayer” SAYA
79 Out of the strike zone, one way HIGH
80 One-named supermodel IMAN
81 “Young Frankenstein” role INGA
85 Feast’s counterpart FAMINE
88 ___ Tuesday (restaurant special) TACO
90 Dismissive sound SNORT
91 Permission for a “Parks and Rec” character to participate in a parade? APRILMAYMARCH
95 Free round BYE
97 Big boss CEO
98 Get back RECLAIM
99 Baby kangaroo JOEY
100 Charged particle ION
101 Border HEM
102 Having a curve ARCED
103 Place on a pedestal EXALT
105 House of ___ (rulers in Riyadh) SAUD
106 DiFranco who’s playing a concert in the Village on September 23 ANI
107 2016 Olympics host city RIO
108 What happened when jazz great Gordon started being mean to everyone? DEXTERLOSTFRIENDS
113 Every last bit ALL
114 “Let me put it this way …” IMEAN
115 Try to win, as a contest ENTER
116 Remind repeatedly NAGAT
117 Airport security TSA
118 Greet wordlessly NODTO
119 Letter seen on airplanes DELTA
120 “___ Anatomy” GREYS


Number Clues Answers
1 Beckoning words COMEHERE
60 Floating chunks of ice BERGS
91 Mountain on Armenian postage stamps ARARAT
2 Gets under someone’s skin? OPERATES
61 ___ barrel (helpless) OVERA
92 Dangers PERILS
3 Puts emphasis on STRESSES
62 Pass along, as information RELAY
93 Coke alternative RCCOLA
4 Start of OOO or XXX TIC
43 Diana in 1958’s “I Married a Woman” DORS
71 How soldiers often stand INAFILE
5 Like a bed you don’t want to get out of SNUGGLY
55 Four duos, if they played together OCTET
86 Highest-grossing film of 1992 ALADDIN
24 Type of tomato ROMA
47 California congressman Adam SCHIFF
87 2001 MMI
109 Funny Philips EMO
6 Word from the French for “help me” MAYDAY
48 Say ___ (accept, as an offer) OKTO
76 Snappy retort to “Hope you’re happy” OHIAM
110 Marked, as a ballot XED
7 Pair that hugs ARMS
44 Six-pack items ALES
72 How seawater tastes BRINY
103 Coup d’___ ETAT
8 Lyrical Lipa DUA
34 Nitwit IDIOT
67 Bumper cars, to Brits DODGEM
104 Prefix meaning “foreign” XENO
9 Oscar-winning 2012 title role for Daniel ABRAHAM
56 Make out SMOOCH
94 Open enough for a cat to slip through, say AJAR
10 Sideline entertainers MASCOTS
57 Defense secretary under Obama HAGEL
88 Sought attention online TROLLED
25 Building overseer, for short SUPE
49 Take place, archaically BETIDE
89 Component of nail-polish remover ACETONE
11 ___ Farm (clothing line) PHAT
40 Burning up ABLAZE
77 French city for which a soup is named VICHY
111 Letters on Cardinals’ caps STL
12 Word in beer names LITE
41 Shot PHOTO
73 Note to self MEMO
105 Editor’s “leave this as is” STET
13 He sings with Homer in the Be Sharps APU
35 Breed after an upstream swim SPAWN
68 Scary Lugosi BELA
95 African country from 1967 to 1970 BIAFRA
14 “Rough Translation” airer NPR
36 Category, disparagingly ILK
58 Jazz fan, often UTAHAN
96 “Take ___ time” YOUR
15 Tiny part of the ear, such as the stapes or malleus BONELET
59 Charles who popularized the card game bridge GOREN
90 Putting in the mail SENDING
31 Twin Cities squad VIKINGS
74 U.S. Open point ADIN
112 Musical taste EAR
16 Florentine banking dynasty MEDICI
51 Romero who played the Joker CESAR
82 “Situation stable” NOCHANGE
17 Judd who directed “This Is 40” APATOW
52 Patronized, as a pizzeria ATEAT
83 “When I Come Around” band, 1994 GREENDAY
18 Fiji competitor DASANI
53 Test the purity of ASSAY
84 Some ancient-Greek philosophers ATOMISTS