The New York Monday, 20 November 2023 Crossword Answers

Daily crossword answers for the The New York Crossword: ‘Reinforce Your Brand’ Monday, 20 November 2023 by Matt Gaffney. The The New York Crosswords are very hard sometimes, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the The New York Crossword: ‘Reinforce Your Brand’ Monday, 20 November 2023 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Mountaineering challenge RIDGE
6 Price conveyors TAGS
10 Uses Python, e.g. CODES
15 Duds in the sack? PJS
18 “Where there’s ___ …” AWILL
19 Determined to SETON
20 “Step on it!” HURRY
21 King of Montréal ROI
22 Outside-the-box thinking from a credit-card company? VISAIMPROVISATION
25 Rubber-stamps OKS
26 Discontinues ENDS
27 Skate-park feature RAMP
28 Second section, sometimes PARTB
29 Cod and Canaveral, for two CAPES
31 Spiraling, poetically ASWIRL
33 A toy company’s tale of mini-spaceships? LEGOALLEGORY
35 Sandwich pair SLICES
37 Rangers goalie Shesterkin IGOR
39 Duck down? EIDER
40 Man-made waterway CANAL
41 Colorful computer IMAC
42 Starter meaning “seven” HEPTA
45 Get the attention of, one way TAP
48 Extravagant extras on a rental company’s cars? AVISLAVISHNESS
51 Body part that may detach RETINA
54 Acting-class request LINE
55 Predetermined SET
56 Somewhat, casually SORTA
57 Alternative to pants SARONG
58 Lang. you know ENG
59 “Now I see what you’re saying!” OHH
60 Trees with tough wood TEAKS
62 “Walk Away ___” (1966 hit) RENEE
63 A furniture company making its stores fun to visit? IKEALIKEABILITY
68 Stage great McDonald AUDRA
71 Dict. information DERIV
72 Adjective-softening suffix ISH
73 Start for “state” TRI
76 Battalion members TROOPS
78 Paired for breeding MATED
80 Word in poem titles ODE
81 Lo ___ MEIN
82 Mickey’s girlfriend MINNIE
83 Positive energy radiated by a company’s drivers? UBEREXUBERANCE
86 ID for Americans SSN
87 Light-brown shades ECRUS
89 Feel sorry for PITY
90 Putter Palmer, to pals ARNIE
91 Stress, in “Sopranos” scripts AGITA
94 Cabot ___ (“Murder, She Wrote” setting) COVE
95 Reciprocally INKIND
96 Cool names given to new lines of sneakers? NIKEMONIKERS
101 Does a shampooing task RINSES
103 Considering everything INALL
104 Hackneyed TRITE
105 K–P connections LMNO
106 Note to a host RSVP
109 Prez for 12 years FDR
110 One who coordinates dancing cookies for TV ads? OREOCHOREOGRAPHER
114 Argentine aunt TIA
115 Longtime “Wall Street Journal” crossword editor Mike SHENK
116 ___ secret slip (blabs) LETSA
117 Glowing stone GEODE
118 Cash in Kyoto YEN
119 Parts of 120-Across TONYS
120 Four-award achievement EGOT
121 Ready to be poured ONTAP


Number Clues Answers
1 Five-star review RAVE
35 Cartographer’s concern SCALE
68 You can bank on them ATMS
96 Handy-dandy NIFTY
2 Card-game cry IWIN
36 Linda of “Alice” LAVIN
69 Leon who wrote “Trinity” URIS
97 Not on a major label INDIE
3 Turning one’s nose up at DISDAINING
4 Curio cabinet, e.g. GLASSCASE
63 Multivitamin extra, often IRON
92 Shaving option GEL
5 Lilly or Zabar ELI
32 “The thing is …” WELL
59 Striped African animal OKAPI
93 “Can we start over?” IMLOST
23 Some body scans MRIS
49 Eponym of a Queens stadium ASHE
77 Take care of SEETO
111 P, in Athens RHO
19 Go a few practice rounds SPAR
41 “___ it up to here with you” IVEHAD
88 Water holder CANTEEN
6 Keep from serving too long TERMLIMIT
64 Animal with striking eyes LEMUR
98 Amusing literary device IRONY
7 On, as a hill ATOP
38 Ferrari “food” GAS
65 1990s Yankee Hideki IRABU
99 Sneakers KICKS
8 www.fbi.___ GOV
33 Ness and Lomond, for two LOCHS
66 Wind-powered fliers KITES
100 Biblical verb ending ETH
9 “American ___” (Best Picture nominee in 2015) SNIPER
50 Exactly zero times NOTEVER
94 Cuisine with crawfish CREOLE
24 Become less taut SAG
42 “___ moo …” (“Old MacDonald” line) HEREA
79 Testimony-filled events, for short DEPOS
112 Normal (abbr.) REG
10 One-named Spanish actress CHARO
43 Abbr. on a cornerstone ESTAB
84 Louis ___ (“the Sun King”) XIV
105 Jared in “Dallas Buyers Club” LETO
11 “Straight ___ Compton” OUTTA
80 Like Neptune, among planets OUTERMOST
12 Very light flow, as of tap water DRIBLET
61 Evaded, as the catcher’s tag SLIDBY
102 “Young Frankenstein” role INGA
13 Suffix with ranch ERO
34 Pinocchio and the like LIARS
67 “Gotcha” ISEE
95 “Are you ___ out?” INOR
14 Got on the same page SYNCED
52 Home to Nome and Rome EARTH
85 Also-___ (losers) RANS
113 Before this moment AGO
30 Historical period AGE
53 Card in a “wheel” TREY
81 Art-class item MARKERPEN
15 Artist’s consideration PROPORTION
73 Tweener or lob, say TENNISSHOT
16 53rd card, often JOKER
46 Novelist Tyler or Rice ANNE
74 Powerful poison RICIN
107 Sacred Hindu text VEDA
17 She played Carrie in “Carrie” SISSY
47 Part of a book PAGE
75 John Mellencamp’s “___ a Lover” INEED
108 Work done before work PREP