Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Nov 28 2021

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Clues Answers
"Give this a whirl" TRYIT
"I love you," in Spanish TEAMO
"I’m not that impressed" MEH
"Morning Edition" airer NPR
"No seats left" abbr SRO
"Odyssey" temptress CIRCE
"Othello" foe IAGO
"That is …" IMEAN
"That is …," to Caesar IDEST
"Well, golly!" OHGEE
"— -Pan" (James Clavell novel) TAI
1963 Johnny Cash smash RINGOFFIRE
1990s sitcom … and what literally appears six times in this puzzle GRACEUNDERFIRE
97-Down insect BEE
Accumulate AMASS
Add to the mix, maybe STIRIN
Adequate AMPLE
Airplane walkway AISLE
Alternative to a 401(k) ROTHIRA
Amusement, to texters LOLZ
As of FROM
As surplus TOSPARE
Basketball great — Thomas ISIAH
Be in arrears OWE
Binds with string TIESUP
Boot part HEEL
Brazilian palm berry ACAI
British noble EARL
British noble PEER
Brothers’ group, in brief FRAT
Bushy hairdo, for short FRO
Chew like a beaver GNAW
Collection of hives APIARY
Complete disaster, in slang DUMPSTERFIRE
Cooking vessels PANS
Corp. shuffles REORGS
Course of action PLAN
Cry to a battlefield medic IMHIT
Decongestant brand AFRIN
Do the task flawlessly NAILIT
Domino spots PIPS
Egg-shaped OVAL
Enter by sidling EDGEIN
Enter quickly RACEIN
Eye irritation STYE
Eye-irritating cleanser AMMONIA
FDR and HST’s party DEM
Fencing blades EPEES
Fend off AVERT
Film for which Holly Hunter won an Oscar THEPIANO
Film spools REELS
Final toast of a meal GRACECUP
Fluffy scarf BOA
Foamed up SPUMED
Gentle pat DAB
Get in a stew FRET
Give the boot AXE
Give the boot OUST
Glistened SHONE
Grammy winner Gorme EYDIE
Grew older with contentment and dignity AGEDGRACEFULLY
Growth theory subj ECON
Gulf of — (arm of the Baltic) BOTHNIA
Gush forth SPEW
Hair salon job PERM
Hdqrs. where officers work PDS
HDTV maker RCA
Head for hurriedly RUNTO
Hide-hair link NOR
Hip about ONTO
Historic span ERA
Hogs’ home PEN
Hogs’ home PIGSTY
Honolulu palace name IOLANI
Impulses URGES
In the style of ALA
Is wearing HASON
Island setting SEA
Jar cover LID
Jaw-dropping AWESOME
Just free of the bottom, as an anchor AWEIGH
Kept posted CUEDIN
Kind of whale ORCA
Law-of-motion subject INERTIA
Like twangy voices NASAL
Line of work CAREER
Liquid filling la mer EAU
Low-end cigar STOGIE
Low-quality POOR
Luminous AGLOW
Makes a leg warmer, e.g KNITS
Makes one’s views known SPEAKSOUT
Missile paths ARCS
Mozart’s "Rondo Alla —" TURCA
Musical ornaments GRACENOTES
Old Cougar carmaker, in brief MERC
Operate USE
Ovine female EWE
Part of UAE ARAB
Perennially popular hymn AMAZINGGRACE
Pilot’s skill AVIATION
Pixie or elf SPRITE
Place to play pool or table tennis RECHALL
Plains tent TEPEE
Plow beasts OXEN
Pole carvings TOTEMS
Praise heavily EXALT
Prayed before partaking SAIDGRACE
Prefix with disclosure NON
Prepared to do some grilling LITAFIRE
Prior to, in verse ERE
Pupil’s place IRIS
Put a new border around REFRAME
Radar sound PING
Red-carpet-walking type CELEB
River delta deposit SILT
River of Russia URAL
Road gunk TAR
Round shape CIRCLE
Scott in an 1857 court case DRED
Sends via phone line FAXES
Shouts of discovery AHAS
Six, in Seville SEIS
Slender SLIM
Slowly, to a maestro LENTO
Spinner in a compass GYRO
Spinner in a kid’s room TOP
Spiral-shaped pasta ROTINI
Stomach BELLY
Streaming music service NAPSTER
Sun-related SOLAR
Surround with a nimbus ENHALO
Tier ROW
Tiny particle ION
Title detective of 1970s TV BARETTA
U.S. med. research agcy NIH
Unhesitating and fast RAPIDFIRE
Unsullied places EDENS
Very ardent ONFIRE
Very big bird EMU
Volcanic outflows LAVAS
Warm blanket AFGHAN
Watch faces DIALS
Wiggly fishes EELS
Wyoming mountains TETONS