LA Times Crossword 18 Aug 19, Sunday

Today’s crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 18 Aug 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 18 Aug 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Name on toy vehicles since 1964 HESS
5 ’50s first lady MAMIE
10 Architect Saarinen EERO
14 Become unhinged SNAP
18 Bridge toll unit AXLE
19 Whirlpool brand AMANA
20 “Ah, me!” ALAS!
21 Arcade pioneer ATARI
22 Naughty young athlete? SPORTS BRAT (sports bra + t)
24 Materials on a king’s palette? ROYAL PAINT (royal pain + t)
26 Energy-saving tactic POWER CUT
27 AOL, e.g. ISP
29 Military chaplain SKY PILOT
30 Platform for Siri IOS
31 Cons ANTIS
33 Biting ACERB
34 “Don’t worry about that, Mr. Gingrich”? IT’S NOTHING, NEWT (it’s nothing new + t)
40 Less taxing EASIER
43 Pouts MOUES
44 Oxlike antelope GNU
45 Syndicate CARTEL
47 Chinese culinary general TSO
48 Fine things? ARTS
49 Cartoon flapper BOOP
50 Cabinet dept. with an atom on its seal ENER
51 1995 court VIP ITO
52 “The Alien Simpsons” character? MARS BART (Mars Bar + t)
55 Watery world? SEA PLANET (seaplane + t)
59 Doo-wop syllable SHA
60 Big size, in a small way LGE
61 Operatic chorus BRAVOS
65 Chip features RIDGES
66 Organic fuel PEAT
67 Deprive of courage UNMAN
68 Ex-baseballer Martinez TINO
69 Photos, say IMAGES
72 Not diluted much, if at all STRONG
73 __ v. Wade ROE
74 Dusk, to Donne E’EN
77 Defective phone download? BAD APPLET (bad apple + t)
79 Large pub band? BAR NONET (bar none + t)
81 Deg. for a writer MFA


Number Clues Answers
1 Door fastener HASP
2 Big show EXPO
3 Tedious SLOW
4 Arid SERE
5 Phillie Phanatic, for one MASCOT
6 Waylay AMBUSH
7 K follower -MART
8 Minute or moment lead-in IN A …
9 Consuming, as time EATING UP
10 Secret Service agent’s accessory EARPIECE
11 “Do Ya” rock gp. ELO
12 Bottom-feeding fish RAYS
13 1970 World’s Fair site OSAKA
14 Way up STAIRS
15 Nervous habit NAIL BITING
16 Cartoonist Peter ARNO
17 Big East team PITT
21 Court loser’s option APPEAL
23 Chamber groups TRIOS
25 École cousin LYCEE
28 RR stop STN
31 Part of A.D. ANNO
32 Bittersweet farewell SWAN SONG
34 Mosque officials IMAMS
35 Judaic spiritual text TORAH
36 Buddhist spiritual text SUTRA
37 1987 Costner role NESS
38 Gershwin’s “__ Rhythm” I GOT
39 “Poems are made by fools like me” poem TREES
41 Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
42 Origins ROOTS
46 Song syllable TRA
49 Author Harte BRET
53 Obscenity cover-up BLEEP
54 Showing shock AGASP
56 Former PRIOR
57 Bedding LINEN
58 Big deal ADO
61 Flatter BUTTER UP
62 GI’s furlough R’N’R
63 Latin lover’s word AMO
64 Vehicle with sliding doors VAN
66 Links letters PGA
68 Under-the-sink assembly TRAP
69 High-tech debut of 1981 IBM PC
70 Underworld society MAFIA
71 Novel’s screen version, e.g. ADAPTATION
72 Oozes SEEPS
74 WWII bomber __ Gay ENOLA
75 Fisherman with pots EELER
76 Desert trial N-TEST
78 Debt-heavy corp. takeover LBO
79 Pat on the back, maybe BURP
80 Crude gp.? OPEC
83 Place setting setting TABLETOP
84 Fuel storage structure WOODSHED
85 Does some tailoring HEMS
88 Store employees CLERKS
89 Exciting HEADY
91 Put away for later STASH
93 Rollers on the road TRUCKS
95 Bunk COT
96 Charm AMULET
97 Like serious mistakes COSTLY
99 Cousin of a clog SABOT
103 Yours, to Yvette A TOI
104 “Throw the __ Log On, Uncle John”: P.D.Q. Bach madrigal parody YULE
106 Low pitch BASS
107 Peter the Great, e.g. TSAR
108 ’60s sitcom boy OPIE
109 Stationer’s stock PADS
110 Editorial “let it stand” STET
112 Matchstick-removing game NIM
114 Évian water EAU