Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/7/18 Sports Fan Friday

Today’s crossword solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/7/18 Sports Fan Friday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/7/18 Sports Fan Friday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
10 Dumb ___ box of hammers: 2 wds. As A
13 Martial art that’s an Olympic event Judo
14 Hard worker’s monetary reward Raise
15 Boom Boom ___ (Black Eyed Peas hit) Pow
16 Tennis player who won the AP Athlete of the Year award in 1989: 2 wds. Steffi Graf
18 BlackBerry for example: Abbr. PDA
19 Where you might relax with a rubber duckie Tub
20 English class composition Essay
22 ___ cage (chest protector) Rib
25 Number in a contact list: Abbr. Tel
27 Arid Dry
28 State whose license plates say Famous Potatoes Idaho
30 Have bills to pay Owe
32 Bring in like the harvest Reap
36 Tennis player who won the AP Athlete of the Year award in 2002 2009 2013 and 2015: 2 wds. Serena Williams
39 James ___ Carter (full name of the president before Reagan) Earl
40 Band that included Mike Mills and Peter Buck Rem
41 Watering holes in a desert Oases
42 Captain Jean-___ Picard (sci-fi character) Luc
44 Person crossing the street on foot for short Ped
46 Explosive sticks: Abbr. TNT
47 Energy giant whose name was removed from the Astros’ ballpark in 2002 Enron
50 Many years ___ … Ago
52 Fawn’s mom Doe
53 Tennis player who won the AP Athlete of the Year award in 1974 1975 1977 and 1980: 2 wds. Chris Evert
60 Investment plan for the later years: Abbr. IRA
61 ___ It to Beaver (classic TV series) Leave
62 Operatic piece for a soprano Aria
63 Paving material Tar


Number Clues Answers
64 Permanently remove from school Expel
65 Child of a ram and a ewe Lamb
1 Bedtime garb for short PJs
2 For crying ___ loud! Out
3 Poem that honors someone Ode
4 Storage space in a barn Loft
5 Illegal payment to an official Bribe
6 Live-streaming slowness Lag
7 What goes through a snorkel Air
8 Government group with four cryptologic centers: Abbr. NSA
9 Postpone until later Defer
10 Programs on a phone Apps
11 A&W Cream ___ Soda
12 I guess I got carried ___ Away
17 Japanese mattress Futon
21 Where Damascus and Aleppo are Syria
22 Ascend Rise
23 Original thought Idea
24 Roseanne’s surname Barr
26 Rob who played Sam Seaborn on The West Wing Lowe
27 The First State: Abbr. Del
29 Hiya! Hello
31 Namby-pamby person Wimp
33 Far ___ (Marco Polo’s destination) East
34 Response from parishioners Amen
35 Covert sound to get someone’s attention Psst
37 Jump shot’s path Arc
38 Place to enjoy an après-ski hot drink Lodge
43 Prince Harry’s relationship to Prince George Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Uncle
45 Wooden stand in a painter’s studio Easel
47 Make changes to as a Facebook post Edit
48 Julie & Julia director Ephron Nora
49 Backside Rear
51 Shape of some compacts’ mirrors Oval
54 Place a curse on Hex
55 Grammy Award for Best ___ Performance (prize Kendrick Lamar won in 2018) Rap
56 Now ___ seen everything! Ive
57 The Paleozoic for one Era
58 Edge of a canyon Rim
59 Pick up the ___ (pay the bill) Tab